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Toys „R“ Us Tabeo Android-Tablet for Kids (keynote)

The US-Company Toys „R“ Us will release a Android-Tablet for kids. The mobile computer is not only a toy. With the hardware devices it is also be possible to use the tablet-PC as video-player, for the internet or for smaller office applications.

In the Android-Tablet the “Tabeo” with a 7-inch-display is also high-end Tablet-Technology integrated. The Tabeo keynote as follows:

• Android 4.0

• Processor with 1 Gigahertz

• 4 Gigabyte flash-memory

• microSD-Slot upto 32 GByte flash-extension

• USB- and HDMI-Port

• robuste body/case

For the easy use of the tablet a special operating system for kids is installed. The internet can be used via WLan. To protect the kids from any sexual or any inadvertent content, the parents can block these pages in the browser settings. As per release the Android-Appstore should have 50 useful apps available for learning, gaming and browsing.


The tablet should be available in the US as from October 2012 and the price should be around $ US 150,-.

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