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Published on September 13th, 2012 | by factitup


Samsung Galaxy S4: Pictures of a Smartphone-Dream vs. iPhone 5

If the Samsung Galaxy S, S2 or S3 – the Galaxy-Smartphones are on top after the release of a new model . The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the new flagship and the smatphone user have a dream from a new super smartphone which will be released from Samsung in the near future means in the beginning of 2013.


Samsung Galaxy S4: The new Star

Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 und Galaxy S3 are the absolutly top-seller and the only real competition to the Apple iPhone. Apple has yesterday released the new model iPhone 5. A few weeks ago the Samsung Galaxy S3 hit the mark of 10 million sold smartphones. The formulaof success is: strong future features mixed up with the self developed TouchWiz-Screen for comfortable handling and fancy design. But which innovations can we expact from the Samsung Galaxy S4?


Some user auf the Samsung Galaxy S3 said that the 4,8-inch-display is too big and the smartphone too bulky. A display with 4,6-inch (between the size of S2 and S3) would be a prefect compromise. If the Galaxy S4 would have a  small frame the body of the new Galaxy must not bigger than the very good manageable S2. Furthermore lot of user wich a form which is similarily to the S2. Eine schwierige The problem is that Apple has lots of patents concerning the design of smartphones.

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