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Apple iPhone 5 not the awaited revolution

When will the iPhone 5 released?  The answer is now out of the bag. It will released on Wednesday! But what can we expect from the iPhone 5. Is it really the long awaited revolution and new technology? It seems that there is no radical revolution. It seems hard for Apple to exist against Samsungs flagship Galaxy S3 and the coming S4.

The share market as the mirror of the trend shows the prospects of the people with a new all-time high of the apple share this week. The anticipation could not be higher to see the release of the  new Apple iPhone 5 which will be released this week in the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.

The iPhoene 5 will be the follower of the successfully iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. The iPhone 4s was not something totally new. The iPhone 4s has the same design as the iPhone 4 and has only a faster processor and the voice control function Siri. Nevertheless the iPhone 4s was  absolutly a hit and bet all previous results. But most of the people awaited numerous innovations which could not be fulfilled. It is unclear if the 4G LTE-technology will be enought to make the iPhone 5 a hit particularily the 4G LTE connection still not work on every location and it will take time to develop and access further locations.

The competion never sleeps! In the USA is the biggest competition for Apple due to the number of smartphone user. In the USA is the upgrowth of the number of smartphone user exorbitant. In december 2009 was the number of smartphone user  apprximetly 39 million but today it is more than 115 million user in the USA alone.  No wonder that Apples competition growth and growth consistently. Especially Samsung with the Samsung Galaxy series steps aggressive into the smartphone and tablet market due to the really good and compatible products with no connection to the iTunes-Store and with external interfaces like USB which can be used for data transfer. Also other competitors came up in the near past with for example Nokia and the Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 which is a high-end smartphone and the software is the new Mircrosoft Windows-Phone-8 operating system.

But it seems that the biggest competition comes not from a smartphone producer it comes from a software developer. We talk about google with the google android operating system. Why is this the biggest competiton? It is clear because google did not limited the operating system to any smartphone producer. That means that any producer who fulfill the technically requirements can use the android system. Apple can only operate their system on their own Apple products. The consequence is that more than 550 million smartphone using the google android software while only 250 million smartphones are using the Apple IOS software.

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