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Published on September 10th, 2012 | by factitup


Apple is working on his own Web Radio

Apple is working on his own Web Radio to strenghten his position in the music market and to exist against new upcoming competitors.

The wallstreet Journal postet that Apple is working beside the super release partys for the Appel iPhone 5 and new iPad mini on a Web Radio software which is according to the taste of  the users music. Apple has started to contact the music industry to negotiate about licences for this new web project. Therefor it could take time until the release of the new tool can be announced.

In the past apple ranked up as number one in the music download-market with their portal iTunes, but in the streaming market other portals like Spotify and Simfy has a huge increase. On this portals the music will not downloaded, it plays the music directly from the internet. Also Apple thought about this possibility but canceled this project in the accruement.

The article has no informations about the international possibilities for this Web Radio project due to the different law suit. It could only released in the US for the first time.


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