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Nokia will release two new flagships with Nokia Lumia 920 & Lumia 820

Nokia shows reaktion to the Apple and Samsung competition and will release 2 new Windows Phone 8 smartphones with the Lumia 920 & Lumia 820. Will Nokia get out of its current crisis with the new models Lumia 920 & Lumia 820?

Month over month Nokia could only generate loses but it should have a positiv end now. Nokia-CEO Stephen Elop has high expectations reagrding the new Nolkia line Lumia 920 & Lumia 820.

What are the keyfeatures of the Nokia Lumia 920?

The smartphone has the new Windows Smartphone Software with the name Windows Phone 8 which is perfect for the new Lumia line. This software is also a perfect addition for the coming release of the Windows 8 Edition for PC’s and Tablet-PC’s. Therefor the success of the new operating systems depends also a little bit on the success of the Windows 8 PC Edition which will released on 27.10.2012 as rumors says.


The Lumia has a 8,7 Megapixel which called “pure view” and is integrated on the backside of the Smartphone. With this ca,era it is possible to record videos in Full-HD (1920 x 1080 Pixel). If the cameraship is okay the cam should be a very good substitution for every Digitalcamera and for holiday pictures. For videocalls the Lumia 920 has a front camera with smaller definition.

Battery and Power

As per Nokia statement a full charged battery should hold one day which should be much more that other smartphones. THe battery is possible to charge without a cable. You can lay the phone on the station and it will be charged with magnetic impulse. The second possibility to load is via micro USB cable.

Performance and Funk

The Lumia 920 has a 1,5 gigahertz processor called Snapdragon S4 Quadcore from Qualcomm. The processor will supported from 1 gigabyte RAM and a 32 gigabyte flash memory. The chipm also provide all technically circuitry which are needed for WLAN, Bluetooth und Mobilfunk.

The ultrafast 4G-Mobilfunk LTE (Long Term Evolution) is also onboard. It is open if the chip will also work in germany but a preparation is available.


The display from the Lumia 920 should hae 4,5 inch (11,4 cm) and shall be extra bright and sharp. That means that also if the sun shines directly on the display it should be possible to work with the phone without limitations. The resolution from the Nokia Lumia 920 is 280 x 800 Pixel – more than HD-Ready.

The Display of the Nokia Lumia 820 is smaller 4,3 inch(10,9 cm) with a resolution of 800×480 pixel.

Price and Release

Nokia has already not announced any pricestructure. It should be clear that the release will be in 2012.

The Smartphone will be available in the Amazon-Store Lumia 920 & Lumia 820!


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