Hardware Still  the Samsung Galaxy S3 and we are all waitig for the Samsung Galaxy S4!

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Samsung Galaxy S4: The World is waiting for the fight iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

The world is waiting for Samsung news. When will Samsung announce that the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is in the near future. Until today nobody knows exactly if we will see the Samsung Galaxy S4. Some Blogs have posted that the release date should be around march, 2013 and they are sure that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come.

In fact the world is waiting for the big fight Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apples iPhone5. It certainly feels like Samsung has the power to take over the world – a big part of the Smartphone-World. In 2011 Samsungs Galaxy S2 was absolutly the Smartphone of the year. There was no other Smartphone which could keep up with Apples iPhone 4s except Samsung.

What makes the Samsungs Galaxy S3 so competitive?

First of all it starts with the presentation of Samsungs Galaxy Smartphone Line. The presentation was not a boring on any exhibition like many other Smartphone producer shows their product to the community. Samsung reached a level which is close to Apple and they had their own event to present the Samsung Galaxy S3. This is what we hope to see in the near future when hopefully the Galxy S4 will release.

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy line is so successful due to several techically developments which are differnet to Apples iPhone. The S3 upped the screen size from 4.3-inches to 4.8-inches and the pixel density went from 217 to 306 to take a run at the iPhone’s Retina Display. There are rumors that the Display will rezised to a smaller but higher pixel density. That means that the pixel density could be 1280 x 720 pixel and  could have a Super-AMOLED HD-Display. The colore quantity is approximately 16,7 million depending on the final size of the display. Samsung will release the Samsung Galaxy S4 with the newest software package the Android, Version 5.0 Jelly Bean. Also the camera should get a update from 8 Megapixel to 12 Megapixel with a better software-update.

We hope that Samsung will give us a hint, when they will release the  Samsung Galaxy S4 as soon as possible! Sure, we will let you know it!

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